Since 1989 Infocap Systems, Inc. has provided source data collection systems for the manufacturing, distribution, health care and traffic management sectors. These systems employ bar code, optical character recognition, RFID Transponder systems , magnetic cards, PCI compliant credit card integration and much more. Early systems were based on desktop Computers running DOS. These desktops supported networks of data collection terminals. Collected data was and is sent to host computer systems via a myriad of protocols.


More recent projects include radio frequency (RF) based shipping and receiving, fixed and batch terminal data collection, bar code label systems, Unix and Windows Server based servers and networking via wired and RF media. The manufacturing sector is a primary focus. Applications include receiving raw materials and sub-assemblies, production and labor tracking, inventory control, lot and serial number management, and shipping.



Infocap Systems is positioned to offer data collections systems that report information in a stand-alone mode or interfaces to host systems. Our business is built by working with clients on multiple projects for many years. New clients are viewed as long-term partners. Prospective projects are reviewed to be sure there is a good fit between the services offered and the desires of the customer.